How To Film Videos With Your iPhone Like A PRO – Avoid Beginner Mistakes! Part 1 & 2

Filming your videos with just your iPhone works totally fine. There’s no need whatsoever to invest in expensive camera or filming equipment if you’re a small YouTuber or beginner on the platform. Filming with your iPhone or similar will get you great results and help you grow your subscribers, views, and watch time.

Here to share a few mistakes and how to fix them or avoid them so that you can make PRO-looking videos at $0 cost already TODAY. And I’ll give you a couple of bonus tips as well!

The first mistake is about vertical or horizontal filming, the second about not having the right settings on your phone camera, the third about not looking into the lens, the fourth about shaky vids, the fifth about bad audio, and the sixth is about insufficient lighting.

The seventh mistake is about filming in selfie mode, thus getting lower quality videos and running the risk of looking at your beautiful self on screen, instead of into the lens. The eighth is about not checking the storage on your phone before filming. You don’t want to run the risk of having to redo the whole video shoot again! The ninth mistake is about having a too busy background in your videos/studio. Walk around with selfie mode to find your best spot for filming. Mistake no 10 is not setting up the right distance between your camera, your object, and your background. And the final mistake is about filming your videos from an underneath angle, having the viewer look right up your nose…

Hope you’ll enjoy these two short ones – I’m here to help and support you in growing your influence and income online – creating the business and life you deserve!

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