FREE Thumbnails For YouTube – Custom Thumbnail With Canva For Beginners

This video is about how to make a highly clickable custom thumbnail for your YouTube videos using Canva. Creating a custom thumbnail in Canva is super easy. I’ll walk you through how to use a Canva template, change images, fonts, and background color, and how to export it in PNG format for the best possible image quality. Your YouTube thumbnail in combination with your title is the first thing people are going to see of your video. The combination of the two will determine if you get that magical Click or not. A custom thumbnail is therefore highly valuable when you want to grow your audience. If not used, then YouTube will give you three funny-looking screenshot options instead and seldom work well. What does work well is a custom thumbnail with a facial expression and some big text on them, making the thumbnail enticing and eye-catching. Canva has loads of templates to chose from and your challenge is to try out the ones that work best for your videos, your niche, and your audience. Canva gives you suggestions in different areas and is super easy to use. Dive into this video to learn more about your YouTube metric Click Trough Rate – CTR – all related to how well your thumbnail works and get this quick tutorial on using Canva for your custom thumbnail. 👀

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