Weight Loss 2 Breakfast

Are you struggling with your weight loss? Need some support and coaching to follow through?

My methods are known to “Keep It Simple and Efficient”.

My easy breakfast suggestions. Select one each day:

  • Oatmeal with unsweetened blueberries or other fruit, milk or vegetable milk, one boiled egg. Glass of water.
  • Overnight Oat topped with fruit and berries, one boiled egg. Glass of water.
  • Unflavoured, unsweetened yogurt with fruit or berries on top. Sugarfree cereal, and one boiled egg. Glass of water.

And Yes, you can have tea or coffee too 😁.

I’ve been working with weight loss coaching for many years. In this video series, I’ll take you through all of the steps of creating a life long mindset, diet, and exercise routine that will help you keep a healthy style of living for life.

Here to support you!

All the best & talk soon!


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