Dream – Set Goals – Take Action

So we have these dreams in life. We all do. But when we’re adults, we tend to think “There’s no point in dreaming.” “Come on – get real!” “Stop that nonsense.” Right?

But Hey – what if you’d allow yourself to dream? And realize that you want your dreams to come true? Tell you what – you can make them a reality!

Here’s my advice to you: start by setting very long term goals.

Last summer I sat down in my back yard with just myself, a piece of paper and my dreams. I ended up with a great plan of both long- and short-term goals, and actions to get there. And this is how I did it:

If it’s a dream that takes a while to realize, it’s easiest to start with something like a 20-year goal. I did. I wrote down everything I picture myself experiencing in 20 years from now. My private, professional, and social life, my relations, where I’ll be living, what I’ll be doing and with whom. How I’ll be feeling. What my values are and how healthy I’m going to be.

That felt great. 20 years is so far away you can plan for almost anything without your mind getting in the way demanding more realistic promises.

Then I went into the 10-year goal. So in order for the 20-year goal to happen – what needs to be in place 10 years before that. It’s still far away enough to be quite easy to put down. You realize now, I guess that the further towards our Now we get, the “harder” it is, because we need to get more realistic.

Then I went from the 10-year goal to the 7-year goal, the 5-year goal, the 4-, 3-, 2-, 1-year goals.

And every time I asked myself: In order for the previous goal to happen, what do I need to achieve before that?

And so I ended up there, in my back yard knowing EXACTLY what I needed to do in the coming 12 months in order to reach my 1-year goal. It was so easy once I got started.

I was literally in my kitchen that day, saying to myself out loud: Ok, I know what I want, tell me what to do – and I’ll do it! And that’s when I found the SFM, and the rest is history. 🙂

What about you? When can you allow yourself time to put your dreams into long- and short-term goals, so that you too can find your way forward?

On the bus? In the car? Next weekend? Please, if you want to do this – do respect yourself enough, to take the time and see what happens.

If you’re anything like me – you’re gonna be feeling absolutely invincible for a good amount of time!

Good Luck and talk soon!


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