What do you dream about? What’s your ultimate goal, really?

Yes, I know, a dream and a goal are not the same. A dream is just a dream until you make it a goal and start taking action towards it.

But today I’d like to speak about the dream itself and how it can actually be more than just a dream if you use it properly.

Remember when you were a kid? How many dreams you had? We all did! I wanted to become a stewardess, a pilot, an entertainer, an architect, a dancer, and many other things.

Dreaming makes us feel good. It gives us energy to move forward. And really, when you were a kid there was no stopping you, was there? Even kids in the world’s refugee camps around the world dream. Sometimes that’s what keeps them going. The promise of something different in life.

Not until we become adults do we stop ourselves, our dreams and settle with “No, it’s not possible.” “That’s unrealistic.” “It’s never gonna work.”

But what IF you’d allow yourself to dream. And NOT stop yourself. What would happen? Try it. Remember – no stopping!

How does it make you feel when you allow yourself to go all-into your dreaming?

Pretty good, huh?

And you know what – it’s your dream and your dream only. No one’s allowed to stop it. Not even you. And your dream can give you energy, guidance, and direction in life. Even in the daily choices that you make – your dream is there like a guiding star.

So get out there and dream today! See how it makes you feel. Use the powerful energy it creates.

In the next video, I’m talking about how you can start setting goals towards your dream, making it not only a dream but something you can realize.

Dream on and talk soon!


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