Most people start on Mondays: Why do we procrastinate?

Most people start on Mondays. Whatever it is that they’re going to start doing or thinking they start on Mondays. Or should I say We start on Mondays ‘cause I guess both you and I are just the same? And if not on Monday, we plan on starting next month or right after New Year’s. Or after the summer holidays.

Why do we do this? Why don’t we start right away? Why do we put it off ‘till later?

Change is demanding

Why do we procrastinate?
Change is demanding.

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s got to do with the fact that any kind of change requires more from us than staying with whatever it is that we have right now. It’s demanding in many aspects.

I’ve been coaching people for a decade now, in all kinds of areas of life; be it stress at work, self-confidence and esteem, weight-loss – it’s all the same. Most of my Coachees know what to do. But they don’t actually do it.

It might be that they’re not seeing their ability to run their own life or actions. It might be a lack of confidence, lack of awareness of the problem or the solutions. But it’s often because of the resistance to change itself.

All change requires us to take action. Change just doesn’t happen by itself. So if you want to experience less stress or lose weight you have to go from thought to action. And that means learning to say NO, planning your time, having the courage to prioritize, planning your meals, getting your work out done, etc. It takes time, energy and there’s a risk of failure.

Combating procrastination

A vivid image of yourself already there
A vivid image of yourself already there will get you moving.

How can we combat procrastination and our minds wanting everything to stay the same? So that we don’t have to waste energy on something that might fail anyway?

Creating urgency. Creating the urgent need for change. Tapping into the feeling of reaching our goals. The feelings of accomplishments. And also, sometimes realizing how we would feel if we didn’t change, and just stayed the same.

The pain of staying in the known, as opposed to the joy of reaching the unknown.

A vivid image of yourself already there

An urgent and vivid image of yourself already in your result is a huge motivational driver to get you moving already today to get there. This urgent drive will keep you from putting off and instead get you moving.

Your call to action

So what would YOU like to change? And when can you start? Monday? Next month? January first? Or maybe Today?

Be good and talk soon!


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