Mastering digital marketing: Your conversation with your customers

An important part of mastering digital marketing is setting up your conversation with your customers. Sounds tricky, maybe, so let’s dive in straight away.

Your conversation with your customers is about tone, language, purpose, honesty and trust.

Finding your tone of voice

How do you want to come across in your communication?

Do you want to be a stiff  and professional? Dead serious about everything and most of all about yourself? Or do you want to take the completely relaxed approach and kick-back and enjoy it selfishly on your own terms?

Actually there’s a fine balance here. You want to come across as:

  • Someone to trust
  • Someone who knows what they’re talking about
  • Someone that our customers really like

Like a friend or a coach. The completely kick-backed approach will probably be interpreted as someone who doesn’t care. And you need to care!

So how do you know what your customers want? Well, that depends on your audience. That’s why finding your customer avatar is KEY from the mastering digital marketing perspective.

When you’ve found your customer avatar and your tone, it’s fairly easy to find your own unique language.

Mastering digital marketing Your conversation with your customers
Finding your own unique language in your conversations with your customers.

Finding your own unique language

You want your language to match both who you are and who your audience are. Talking over their heads is a big no no. Talking to them as if they were your cute little babies, probably won’t do either.

All advice out there is to have a conversation with your customers. Using a chatty kind of language as if you were speaking directly with them IRL.

In order to find it – your language – I think you should start practicing:

  • Write texts, articles, abstracts.
  • Talk out loud in front of your mirror.
  • Shoot videos of yourself.

Btw, make sure to join the 90 Day Video Journey on our SFM Facebook community. That’s going to get you shooting videos you never dreamed of.

“Me? Shooting a video of myself? Are you mad???”

Yepp, that was me when I started. Now I actually think it’s great fun! 😀

I know I can add value to the world by sharing both my thoughts, emotions and knowledge out there.

And that’s come from me finding my purpose and the value I can provide.

Finding your purpose

This is the trickiest part I think. Finding your purpose is about realizing your meaningful contribution and value to the world. And that’s a biggie! I’ve been working on mine for quite some time and here it is:

“My passion in life is to help people feel their best, be their best and live their absolute best lives. I do this through Business & Lifestyle coaching, blogging, and training.

I have an undisputed faith in the human capacity to change for the better. I inspire self-fulfilment, challenge pre-conceptions, and strive to help you find your will, courage, and ability to grow as a person.”

Here’s a super short video about my beliefs:

Now, don’t panic! Take your time. Feel. Think. Speak. Do. Write. Analyze. Accept.

And eventually you’re going to be clear about it. And from there you can move on safely and securely to build trust with your audience.

Building trust

Trust will come when you’re genuinely connected to who you are, your purpose, and your values. And you can convey them in an honest tone and language.

Now, there are tons of workshops in SFM about this. And our mentors will take you by the hand in this process if you want to.

You know SFM yet? Here are the free videos that got me to this great digital marketing mastery training. Enjoy!

Good Luck and Talk soon!


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3 Replies to “Mastering digital marketing: Your conversation with your customers”

  1. I liked very much what I read, but I am not so sure if I can do it, because:
    1.- I do not have any money.
    2.- I am retired
    3.-I speak English and Spanish, but I know I have an accent, but I
    guess could be also an advantage.

    1. Hi, Rosa!
      Glad you like the post. Thanks for reaching out!
      1) There are many free marketing options available, so don’t worry. The marketing itself doesn’t have to cost you much. No problem if your budget is a bit short. I do strongly recommend that you start saving a bit for your marketing education though. One of the best investments to “give” yourself is the possibility to learn and grow in a future proof field. Maybe there are other things in life you could “sacrifice”?(I don’t know, like smoking, buying magazines, candy, etc…;-))
      2) You’re retired – I think that’s absolutely great! No working hours and no bosses telling you how to spend your time. If you’re not free due to other obligations, maybe you can reprioritize to find time for yourself.
      3) Your accent will be one of your “Unique Selling Points” and make you special. It will be an asset! There are loads of people non-native English speakers in this tribe. I included 😀
      I hope this helps you, Rosa! Watch all the free workshops now and enjoy them. Then you’re always welcome to reach out if you have more questions. I’m here to support you, ok?
      Enjoy and Talk soon!
      All the best//

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