Mastering digital marketing: Learning how to create a sales funnel

Today, I’m giving you a highly valuable insight on mindsets, sales funnels and customer care, so that you won’t have to make the same mistake I once did.

The opportunities on the Internet are huge. And in order to make it online you have to be mastering digital marketing. Learning how to create a sales funnel is one of the first steps you need to take.

Many people want to make money online, either with a second or passive income stream or with a full time online business.

Some even dream of being financially independent from their massive success in the digital world. I do!

Imagine being able to work from anywhere in the world, whenever you want, as much as you want. How would that feel? Or are you afraid to even think about it, because you’re scared of failure even before you’ve started? Learning the proper ways of working and thinking will ease your mind so that you can summon up the courage, ok?

And now you might think – Hey, stop it – I don’t even know what I’m going offer out there yet! No worries – we’ll get to that. But for starters you can become an affiliate marketer, marketing other companies’ products and services and earning commission on that. So, like I said – no worries.

It’s about your mindset

Learning how to create a sales funnel is about mindset believe it or not. Yepp, you see, in order for your customers to want to buy anything from you, you need to provide them value first. And then some more value and then some more and THEN they might consider buying from you.

So the value part is about Doing and Giving for FREE, without any expectation of being rewarded with a sale. Isn’t that crazy? But it’s true.

Someone once said “People don’t by products; they buy people.” It’s sometimes shortened to “People buy people”. So in order for people to buy you, you have to give value first.

I’ll never forget when I realized that I primarily needed to give without receiving. To first establish myself as a trustworthy authority in my area before any reward, is the biggest mindset shift I had when starting my journey with the SFM (this is a link to the free webinars that got me started.)

I then understood why my first online business had failed. The problem was not the product or service – the problem was in my head – my mindset – my attitude. I wasn’t unconditionally givning.

Learning how to create sales funnels is about mindset believe it or not.
Learning how to create a sales funnel is about mindset believe it or not.

Learning how to create a sales funnel

Then, once that mindset is planted you need to create the sales funnel itself.

Develop a range of products or services that are going to have your customers keep coming back for more.

It’s basically:

  • a free product (e g an article)
  • a low ticket one (an e-book)
  • a middle (a webinar)
  • a high ticket value product (a live event)

Simple as that. And the way your customers will most likely move down the funnel is from the top (the free product) towards the narrow part at the bottom (the high ticket value).

A final word

So there you are. And the providing of value doesn’t stop at the first purchase. It needs to continue throughout the whole process.

Care about your customers as if they were your own children; you want the world for them, don’t you, and you want to nurture them and see them prosper in life.

Be good and talk soon!


Ps. And again – the massively professional, all-time best digital marketing school in my opinion is the SFM: Opt in for these free videos on how to get started. (That’s right – the FREE videos 😉)

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2 Replies to “Mastering digital marketing: Learning how to create a sales funnel”

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    1. Thanks for your input! Yes, most diets seem to fail, but unfortunately, the dieter takes this as a personal failure. That’s why I make an effort to “preach” the transformation of thought patterns and habits rather than focusing on the kilos/pounds lost. It’s in the habits of just eating normal, various foods and exercising on a regular basis that the long-term results will show and be sustainable. Thanks again for your comment! Talk soon//Malin

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