Be your own boss lifestyle: what I love about it!

Wondering how to get out of the rat race once and for all and start your own digital business?

Unsure of what it could look like?

Here are some of my huge take-aways on my be your own boss lifestyle!

Tell you what – when I got fed up with the corporate world and the constant commuting I was desperate.

I just thought: Malin, you need to start your own digital business no matter what!

I was so drawn to the be your own boss lifestyle and the freedom of planning my own time that I was actually prepared to do anything. And make lots of sacrifices too. Take huge financial risks.  And so I did. (Big huge shout out to my family for supporting me during all those years of struggle!)

I wish I’d known exactly how to start your own digital business, the way I do now. Then I wouldn’t have struggled so much during the first years of standing on my own two feet. But that’s another story.

Now that my nose is well above the water and I’m not paddling like crazy underneath anymore, I’ll tell you about the great stuff instead.

I’ve learnt exactly what to do and how to do it, feeling soo relieved, and it’s from that space that I’ll be reflecting on my lifestyle today.

Freedom of planning your own time

The freedom of planning your own time has been my drive and comfort in times of struggle.

Today I wake up really, truly looking forward to the day and all the fun things I’ll be doing.

But actually my day starts already the night before when I’m looking at my alarm app on my phone thinking: “When should I get up tomorrow? Oh, that’s right – I don’t have to get up a certain time. I’ll just rise when I want to. No alarm needed. 😛 

Then in the morning I might decide to sleep in or get up when I feel rested. Usually that’s somewhere before 7 am anyway. I’m just too excited about my day to spend it in bed!

I’m allowed to plan my schedule just the way I feel like. I attend which ever meetings I like.

There’s no one booking off time slots in my calendar!!! 

There are no “good to attend, just in case meetings”.

Sure – there are certain things on your Daily Method of Operation that you need to do to succeed online, but, hey, those are just fun, fulfilling stuff.

There are no constraints!

I know, you might think, “Life isn’t that easy. You cannot just float around and still make a living.”

Of course not. You have to make sure you’re doing the right things to move forward, both in business and in life.

But the constant constraints do not have to be there. I know there are other circumstances in your life that might be very tough to handle. All the more reason not to have to fight everything that’s associated with your professional part of your life too.

Freedom of working where ever you want to

How to get out of the rat race once and for all
How to get out of the rat race once and for all

Just picture yourself in your living room, on your balcony or in your favorite chair back at your parents house.

Or maybe on a porch at a warm sunny beach. Working for a while, when the family is still sleeping.

Yeah, that’s right. Working. And enjoying the freedom of doing what ever you like when you like. This is possible when you’re your own boss running an online business, you see!

  • You can pick up your kids from school early.
  • You can watch their soccer practice.
  • You can work from the cafeteria at the ice-hockey rink while waiting for them to finish off.
  • It’s all up to you!

Writing your own pay check

No salary talks. Well, the salary talks are with yourself, so no need to get nervous or insecure. No taking that extra deep breath and holding it before entering the corner office of your superior.

This could be a scary one, especially before your business has taken off properly. You will have to “know your numbers” (thank you big corporation for teaching me the importance of that) so that you don’t over spend. Your pay check is closely related to the balance on your company’s bank account.

So you better make sure to learn from the best and follow their advice, so that you’re profitable as soon as possible.

When running your business properly, this is not an issue. When you’re not – it could be huge.

When your business is up and running properly, you can allow yourself an nice big salary pay out before that dream holiday with your family!

No negotiations needed!

You can allow yourself an nice big salary pay out before that dream holiday with your family!
You can allow yourself an nice big salary pay out before that dream holiday with your family!

A final word

You know, all this is straight from my heart. These are my views of the best parts of the be your own boss lifestyle.

What are your views on a lifestyle like this?

If you’re in it – what do you love most about it? If you’re not yet there, what are you looking for the most when picturing yourself in the future?

Be good & talk soon!


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