My top 6 main take-aways from my digital marketing and online business training

Just a quick note: You might feel this post is a bit “salesy” and I get that. I just think this training is sooo good it wouldn’t be morally right NOT to let you in on it, ok? I want the best for you and this is an education system that I believe very strongly in.  Besides – what else do you have that’s going to transform your life in the next 12-36 months?

So here we go:

I was already highly motivated when I joined my digital marketing and online business training. Having struggled for years with my own little business and having tried making it online, I was close to desperate.

Huge motivation

So I was highly motivated – I just didn’t know how to move forward with my business idea. But after joining, to my surprise my motivation got EVEN higher.

Realizing I was on the right path gave me HUGE motivational energy and drive to keep going and learn more. I felt invincible and that nothing could stop me from “working”. Yes, that’s right – suddenly working didn’t feel like work!

My sense of motivation:

  • Feelings of invincibility
  • Carbonic acid in my blood almost
  • A light of anticipation in my head
  • A happy smile on my face from morning to evening. Probably even in my sleep.
Motivated women working on her digital marketing and online business training.
Just feeling soo energized and ready to take on the digital marketing and online business training.

A new mindset

It’s ALL about providing VALUE. It’s not about learning how to write cool ads.

“What?! I just want to know how to make money and get rich!”

But No. Cold fact: running a business isn’t about making money – it’s about providing value to your customers. THEN you can make money. It’s not the other way around and that’s something we’ll just have to accept. And buy into. I had to struggle a while here.

And then you’re thinking: “Well, what on earth am I going to provide out there then?!” Don’t worry – it’s part of the training too, to help you find YOUR VALUE. To define your target audience and how to provide them with maximum value.  

Quiet confidence

Learning new skills really makes me feel more confident. It’s like I’m carrying this little secret around knowing: “I can do this.” A quiet knowledge and confidence knowing how to move forward with my online business idea.

And as a matter of fact, the digital marketing and online business knowledge is like getting a new college degree.

You can put it into your learning curriculum on your CV.

AND it’s knowledge you’ll be able to leverage for the rest of your life.

Confident woman working on her digital marketing and online business training.
A quiet confidence, like a secret almost: “I can DO this.”

Patience (still working on this one)

This is a biggie – might be one of my life lesson. I tend to want everything to happen NOW. And that was the very mindset with which I went into this too. In that space I got frustrated and impatient.

“Tell me what to do and I’ll just DO it!”

But, little did I know the concepts and learnings in this area are so much bigger than that.

And being inpatient will not get you to where you’re going. Sorry. Patience and trust will. So how do you acquire that? Again, the community and founders are supporting, encouraging and helping you realize this.

But you need to find your own motto for patience and trust. Mine since a while back is: “Keep going, keep going, keep going.” Simple as that. And it works for me. I get stuff done, because I know there are no shortcuts and the only thing that can make me fail is if I give up.

Knowledge and understanding

Learning the sales strategies and funnel systems that need to be in place for online businesses to actually make money and be profitable was all new to me.

I learnt how the business needs to be set-up for long term results. Just like in many other areas of life – like e g weight-loss and healthy living:There are no quick fixes!

Actual results

The actual creation of the online real-estate. Setting up of the webpages, email lists, automated email creation, lead capturing systems, ads creation etc.

Massive content here, so again – I had to practice patience.

A final word

Some of these take-aways might resonate more or less with you, but if you’re still reading it’s probably because you’re interested in gaining something similar.

So here’s where I advise you to get started:

Just casually get into these free webinars and take it from there.

Remember – be patient! You WILL eventually learn it all if you really want to.

Good luck and talk soon!


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  1. I think this is among the most vital info for me. And i am glad reading your article. But want to remark on some general things, The website style is ideal, the articles is really nice : D. Good job, cheers

    1. Hi, Izzi! Many thanks for your feedback. Glad you liked the article. 🙂 Take care in these weird times. All the best! //Malin

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