Top 5 life hack questions you want to ask yourself when solving a problem

You know that feeling of “something’s wrong”? It’s just a hunch, an underlying mood if you will, that suddenly speaks to you.

  • Could be a voice inside your head. (We all have those more or less frequent inner dialogues, don’t we?)
  • Could be a feeling in your stomach. Now not all people are in touch with their gut feeling, but for those who are, it’s a useful compass in life. It either points in the right or the wrong direction.
  • Could be a sudden tantrum, where you find yourself being unexpectedly upset about a minor thing. Maybe you couldn’t find your keys, or you spilled some of your highly esteemed morning coffee on your shirt and you just lost it. It go you over the top, just like that.

As a coach I do a lot of coaching of others, naturally, but I also do Self-coaching. Yep. I ask myself the questions that another coaches would ask me if I said I needed to solve a problem or find a solution to something. Out loud. (If you ever hear me doing it in public – please, stop me. I don’t mean to be that crazy lady talking to herself.)

Life hack questions you want to ask yourself when solving a problem work on friends too.
Life hack questions you want to ask yourself when solving a problem work on friends too.


These questions will take you forward and leave your dwelling and weird underlying senses of “wrong” behind.

But, remember – you need to practice this flow to get the hang of it.

Note! DON’T let other thoughts stop you! The thoughts that say “It’s not possible to solve anyway.” “I’ve already tried, there’s no use.” (Ironic voice:) “How would this ever get solved – it’s someone else’s problem. There’s nothing I can do.” Ok?

Those thoughts WILL stop you. So either you stop them or they’ll stop you. Which is it going to be?

Once you’ve made up your mind, you can either stop reading or continue.

Let’s go

  1. What is the problem?

    – Describe the current situation – the “Now”. Really get into this one. What IS the problem? Why is it a problem? What is there about the problem that makes it a problem to you? Once you’ve defined your “Now” you can safely leave the dwelling behind and move on to the next question.

  2. How would you like the situation it to be instead?

    – This is your Goal or your Target. This is when the problem is solved or the new “Now” created or reached. You might think, well, hey, this is just an illusion, it’ll never going to happen. And maybe you’re right, but try. At least try and do your best to look at a new Now where the problem is solved. And I know we all have wishes for our problems to go away, so I think you might have been there before, but other thoughts have disturbed you or interrupted you on the way.

  3. What’s stopping you?

    – Be honest – what IS stopping you? And listen – don’t blame others or situations outside of your control. Look at the things you CAN control. Maybe it’s a mindset of yours that needs to change. Or maybe you’ve got preconceptions that are stopping you from solving the problem. Maybe you’re doing choices in life you need to re-evaluate.

  4. What do you need?

    – Here’s a good one. DON’T say you need someone else to change in order for the change to happen. Again – look at the things you CAN control. This is about you.

  5. What will you do?

    Alright, here’s the deal. Coaching’s about moving from THOUGHT to ACTION: This is your time – now you’ll find actions that will take you forward. And THEN you’ll make a promise to yourself to DO those things.

Some final words

This is a simplified coaching tool, but very efficient once you get the hang of it. Practice this structure – it’s easier of you stick to the questions in the right order when you’re a rookie, eventually you might jump around in the flow, once you’re more experienced in the process.

Ok, so that’s it really – my Top 5 life hack questions you want to ask yourself when solving a problem on your journey through life.

Now, get out there and start practicing!

Good Luck and all the best!


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